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Bass Guitar Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or have been playing bass guitar for a number of years, I can offer bass guitar lessons to suit your skills and help you to develop as a bass player & musician.

I focus on teaching the fundamentals of bass playing, most important are creating a great feel and groove to your playing, good time keeping, interpreting other musicians & holding the groove for the rest of the band. These are essential skills for any good bass player whatever your style.

My bass guitar lessons are flexible & go at a pace that suits you; I will cover the most important and fun aspects of bass playing and whilst some music theory is essential, I will keep it to a minimum and focus on the practical aspects to get you up and playing quickly.

Bass Guitar Fundamentals

  • First grooves, holding down a steady bass groove
  • Playing along with your first songs
  • Major/ Minor scales & basic music theory
  • The joys of getting a good live or studio sound, bass effects, compression & music tech
  • Making up your own grooves and improvising basslines
  • Playing different bass styles – rock, reggae, funk, folk, blues etc.
  • Walking (finger) bass lines or playing with a plectrum
  • Jamming with guitar, locking with the drummer

Bass Guitar Styles

I mainly play rock, reggae, and funk but can handle blues, basic jazz & swing & many other types of music if that’s your thing.

I’m a fairly proficient rhythm guitarist & many students find that they benefit from jamming along to live guitar and click track/drums whilst they play the groove on bass.

I also provide custom made backing tracks which you can take home & practice with. Hearing your own playing subjectively is crucial so I often record your sessions so that you can listen and analyse your bass lines at home.

I am fully CRB checked (DBS), a copy of my enhanced CRB is available on demand.

Im based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, Lessons take place in a relaxed environment at my home in Skipton town centre, but I also may be available for mobile bass guitar lessons within a 10 mile radius of Skipton, including Ilkley, Keighley, Harrogate & Barnoldswick

Please contact me for more info.

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