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Bass Guitar Setups - Bass Guitar Repairs

I provide bass guitar repair & set up services for bass players in North Yorkshire. Although many of my customers find me through this site, a lot of my work comes from repeat business & word of mouth recommendations, my bass set ups are second to none & I can tame even the most hideously set up basses (There are a fair few of those about).

Whether its your trusty old bass guitar you have been playing for years, or a brand new bass, straight from the music shop, most bass guitars can benefit from a precise set up.

Bass Guitar set up procedure

  • Shim & adjust neck angle (bolt on neck basses only).
  • Adjust the neck relief  using the truss rod for consistent playability & action across the entire neck.
  • Adjust the individual string heights on the bridge saddles for optimum balance between playability & quality of tone.
  • Set height and balance of the bass pickup for balanced volume across all strings, set individual pole pieces height if applicable..
    Remove strings, clean & oil fingerboard (rosewood boards only)
  • Refit new bass strings.
  • Adjust intonation on the bridge for optimum tempered tuning across the neck.
  • Check wiring, earths, and clean pots and jack sockets.

Bass Guitar upgrades

  • New Pickups installed
  • Active circuits fitted
  • Upgrade bridges & machine heads
  • Rewires, alternate wirings, new pots & jack sockets fitted
  • Bone nut fitted for better action & cleaner more sustained tone


I studied for two years at Leeds College of Music as an electric guitar maker and repairer. I was privileged to be taught by Gordon Whitham, founding partner in the respected UK guitar company Gordon Smith Guitars.

Over the two year course I built two solid body guitars (one electric bass & one six string electric guitar). I also undertook countless guitar repairs from a basic guitar set up, to more complex repairs such as re frets, fitting new fingerboards and even repair of a snapped neck on a vintage Gibson Les Paul custom.

Whilst I no longer have access to a full workshop and tools, I still take on minor guitar repairs and set ups. I’m also an electronics nerd so if its a wiring problem or a dead active circuit I can usually quickly diagnose and repair.

I tend to specialise on setting up bass guitars, but I am equally happy setting up 6 string electrics too.

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