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Have you got an interest in computer based home music recording? Do you want to learn to use Cubase but don’t know how to get started?

Do you want to begin recording your musical ideas or even start work producing your own album/single?

Many artists & bands now bypass the traditional route of hiring a “professional” recording studio in which to record and mix their songs. Cheap music technology and software allows anybody who has the inclination to easily set-up a home studio and take creative control over the process of recording & mixing their own music.

There are a number of software apps for recording and mixing audio. My prefered and considered favourite is Steinberg Cubase. It is the industry standard music recording software (sequencer) used by many profesional recording studios, both in education, in industry & by many home based music studios.

My Cubase lessons will be tailor made to suit your pace of learning and based on the most common stumbling blocks my previous students have had learning Cubase:

  • Setting up Cubase out of the box
  • Recording audio, recording MIDI
  • Using effects (VST Plugins) creative & corrective use of the Cubase effects rack
  • Interfacing with external effects & sound modules
  • Audio editing, MIDI editing, creating music loops
  • Using your ears, mixing & mastering audio for CD or the web (mp3)
  • Working with & composing music for video
  • Additional hardware, choosing the right speakers, soundcards, microphones
  • Speccing & building a computer for audio recording
  • Mobile sound recording via a laptop computer
  • Selling music online,  ITunes, Spotify Last FM etc.

About me
I’m Jake Richard, a musician, bass guitar player & founding partner in Headjog Music. I have been running a home recording studio based around Steinberg’s Cubase for many years used daily in a professional capacity composing & recording music for my many clients such as Sony, Adidas and The BBC. I also studied music technology at Leeds College of Music.

I have been involved in the design and installation of computer based recording studios for local universities & colleges so I know Cubase, & music technology very well.

I’m happy to teach any versions of Cubase from early versions such as VST 3.0 to Cubase Elements & the latest Cubase 7. Im equally happy working on either Mac or PC computers. This can be either from my relaxed home studio in Skipton or from your place within a 10 mile radius of Skipton.

Please contact me for further information or to make a booking or click here to see my hourly rates.

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